Or, the Creatures of Prometheus

R/SF Projects, San Francisco, CA
August 31 – September 23, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, August 31st, 8-11pm

I want your life

there is no one else in the world
so hollow I would echo

look up now, there is
a definition coming through

they were the only ones who mattered
they were the only ones left

remake appearances to bend
nothing seems to amaze me

Imagine now the dark smoke
reflections and images appear
see it is shared
all these years
hours and milliseconds pass away

it’s all right here
everything is all right here
it’s all right here
we are all right here
I see it is already here

It was her turn to blink.

The pain:

I do not want
          a formula, I want an ear,
                    cycles, sentences, spikes, the sounding thoughts,
                              to transcend all at once

                              (sentences written by A.I. poetry generators, arranged by Peter Wu)